Warehousing Services in EU after Brexit

Published 10 februari 2021

Are you a British shipper and looking for warehousing / storage facilities within the European Union for your shipments within the EU? Do you receive waiting charges from your trucking partner? Or are you fed up with tonnes of paper work for your shipments from the UK to the EU? Metaal Transport has multiple warehousing […]

Client Case

Published 4 februari 2021

Importing Containers from the far east seems simple. However, international container transport requires the cooperation of many different parties within the supply chain: exporters, customs in the port of departure, carriers, importers, banks, logistics service providers and customs in the port of arrival to only name a few. Problem importer An importer of steel pipes […]

vacature: Assistent-expediteur (parttime)

Published 2 februari 2021

Wil jij werken in de Rotterdamse haven? Afwisselende taken uitvoeren? En werken in een internationale omgeving? Over Metaal Transport:Metaal Transport is een solide familiebedrijf gespecialiseerd in de op- en overslag van metalen. Wij hebben een informele werksfeer en korte communicatielijnen. Daarnaast zijn wij erg druk met de ontwikkeling van een splinternieuwe terminal in de Rotterdamse […]

Update: Holidays, changes in conditions and Corona

Published 17 november 2020

We would like to inform you about the coming National Holidays, an alteration in our conditions and (re-)assure you with our commitment to continue operations at all times. Holidays: Our terminals will be closed on: Friday 25th of December – Christmas Friday 1st of January – New Year’s Day As always,we stay available for urgent […]

Update: Corona impact

Published 21 april 2020

Last update: 24-09-2020 With the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) worldwide, we would like to communicate our commitment to continue our business while at the same time ensuring health of our staff. As always, we would like to communicate in an open and transparent way. All our terminals in the Port of Rotterdam are open […]

Why Metaal Transport?

Published 12 juli 2019

What makes Rotterdam the biggest port in Europe? Why would you choose for the Port of Rotterdam? And why Metaal Transport as your partner? The Netherlands has been a trading nation for over four centuries. We are known for our open-economy, well educated workforce and entrepreneurial spirit. The Port of Rotterdam is the biggest port of Europe and has the best […]