Update Metaal Transport Pier 5

Published 5 May 2023

Great news! We are pleased to inform you about the progress of our new terminal, Metaal Transport Pier 5. The piling work has been completed, with a total of more than 350 piles driven into the ground to ensure the terminal remains firmly in place. In addition, the foundation for our office has also been […]

Metaal Transport Pier 5

Published 24 April 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our new warehouse, spanning over 25,000 square meters, is currently under construction and scheduled for completion by early October 2023. Situated on a vast expanse of 90,000 square meters, featuring a 500-meter quay and rail accessibility, it makes for an ideal complement to the Rotterdam breakbulk industry. Additionally, we […]

Client Case

Published 4 February 2021

Importing Containers from the far east seems simple. However, international container transport requires the cooperation of many different parties within the supply chain: exporters, customs in the port of departure, carriers, importers, banks, logistics service providers and customs in the port of arrival to only name a few. Problem importer An importer of steel pipes […]

Why Metaal Transport?

Published 12 July 2019

What makes Rotterdam the biggest port in Europe? Why would you choose for the Port of Rotterdam? And why Metaal Transport as your partner? The Netherlands has been a trading nation for over four centuries. We are known for our open-economy, well educated workforce and entrepreneurial spirit. The Port of Rotterdam is the biggest port of Europe and has the best […]