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Metaal Transport is specialized in the stuffing and stripping of containers in the Port of Rotterdam. We import your goods into the European Union and export to any destination worldwide. Furthermore, we are specialized in worlwide container transport with direct contacts to all major carriers.

Containers stuffing & Stripping

Ocean Freight

Why Metaal Transport?

  • Transparent and cost-efficient pricing
  • one integrated solution:
    • customs clearance & VAT-representative (logistics compliance)
    • Physical container stuffing & stripping
    • Worldwide shipping and/or direct connections to the European hinterland by road, rail and barge from our own port terminals

Metaal Transport has multiple terminals within the Port of Rotterdam to facilitate container services. With over 55 years of experience our terminals are well suited to accommodate your precious goods in a well secured environment (ISPS, LME and MMTA certified). We will make sure to get the job done with excellent customer service.   


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