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Why Rotterdam?

Published 12 juli 2019

Why would you choose for Rotterdam as your main logistics for
your metals supply chain? and Why Metaal Transport as your partner?

Rotterdam has to offer:

  • Best Port Logistics infrastructure (World Economic Forum, 2018)
  • Gateway into Europa and to the rest of the world
  • well educated workforce
  • Smooth customs clearance and bonded warehousing
  • Direct sea acces, pilot to berth within 2.5 hours (no locks or tidal restrictions)
  • Most sustainable hinterland connections by barge and rail

So know it’s clear that Rotterdam is the nr. #1 gateway for your metal logistics into Europe and the rest of the world. Why would you choose for Metaal Transport?

  • flexibility and reliability are our core values
  • We are a fully-independent company (so no trading subsidiaries)
  • Full-service logistics services
  • approved and recognized by the L.M.E. and M.M.T.A.