Lay-by Berths & Project Cargo

Situated in the Waalhaven Area, our berths offer ideal shelter for lay-by vessels. The Port of Rotterdam complex enhances this location with an exceptional network of suppliers and expertise. With over 750 meters of quay length and a draft of up to 12 meters, Metaal Transport provides extensive lay-by berths.

Are you looking for a temporary berth for your vessel(s) in a well-secured environment? Do you need crane assistance of up to 150 tonnes?

–> We have decades of experience in securing project cargo to vessels and recently, even securing project cargo to flat racks for the transport across the world. Do you have special/ oversized cargo which needs handling within the Port complex? Additionally, our crane assistance services, linked to stevedoring, ensure efficient loading and unloading operations for your cargo.

Tarifs & Reservations:

For further questions or to make a reservation, please contact us.

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