Cross-Docking via The Port of Rotterdam

Metaal Transport facilities are well located and equipped for the cross-docking of your containers. Our terminals are directly connected with rail, road, and barge connections to all major destinations in Europe.

Containers being reloaded onto tracktor-trailer.

We specialize in the cross-docking (X-docking) of containers, and sea-going vessels in the Port of Rotterdam.

–> We unload containers with all types of materials, and offer all kinds of Value Added Services, such as: sorting, palletizing, labelling, and repacking. Besides the unloading and value added services, we also offer direct hinterland connections via our transport offerings.


  • Direct terminal access for all types of inter-modal transport connections: barges, rail wagons (directly located to major highways).
  • 30.000 Square meter warehouse to store and secure goods temporary.
  • Inhouse customs department for fast customs clearance, direct connections with Dutch Customs, and VAT postponement possibilities to save liquidity.
  • Flexibility in volumes and types of cargo.

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