Intermodal Transport

Metaal Transport offers Intermodal & Multi-modal Transport across Europe.

By: Road. Rail. Water.

Five flags displayed in order of German flag, French flag, Italian flag, Spanish flag, Finnish flag.

Road: We offer swift and tailored road transport solutions, ensuring prompt delivery to your doorstep from the Port of Rotterdam. With expertise in local and international routes, we navigate to serve both regional and cross-border needs. Trust us for efficient logistics that keep your business moving forward.

Rail: We use the extensive rail network of the Port of Rotterdam to connect your cargo to destinations across Europe efficiently. With frequent trains for containers, liquids, and bulk goods, we ensure swift transit times, reaching Germany in just 3 hours and many other European destinations within a day. Contact us to benefit from our expertise in handling diverse cargo types.

Water: Situated strategically, the Port of Rotterdam serves as a key hub for river transport, facilitating seamless cargo movement along the Maas and Rhine rivers to various European destinations. With connections to countries like Germany, and France, our waterborne transport options even extend up to the Black Sea region.


  • Lower costs per ton
  • Realible connections to many destinations from Rotterdam
  • Secure (dedicated cargo units, door-to-door service, sealed containers, continous movement)
  • Environmental benefits (sustainability focus, solutions development, up to 80% lower CO2 emissions)
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