Value Added Logistics

We are fully equiped to offer of a wide variety of Value Added Logistics (VAL).

Copper being transported from truck with forklift.

Offered Services:

1. LME Warrants & Warehousing:

  • Secure storage facilities for LME warrants.
  • Efficient management of LME warrants for easy retrieval and tracking.

2. Stripping & Stuffing:

  • Expert handling of cargo for stripping and stuffing operations.
  • Ensuring proper packing and unpacking procedures for cargo transport.

3. Repacking/Palletizing:

  • Professional repacking services to optimize cargo space.
  • Palletizing solutions for secure and organized transportation.

4. Relabelling of:

  • Pallets
  • Big Bags
  • Material

5. Weighing & Issuing Official Documentation:

  • Accurate weighing services with official weighing certificates.
  • Preparation of detailed packing lists for inventory management.

6. Sampling of Various Materials (Quality Control):

  • Comprehensive sampling procedures to maintain quality control standards.

7. Damage Control:

  • Surveyor inspections to assess and mitigate damages.
  • Detailed documentation including photographs for insurance claims.

8. Warehousing/Transport Insurance:

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for warehousing and transportation needs.

Our Services Guarantee:

  • Efficiency: Streamlined processes for swift turnaround times.
  • Accuracy: Precise handling and documentation of materials.
  • Security: Secure storage and transportation solutions.
  • Reliability: Trusted expertise to meet your logistics requirements.

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