Saying yes to any request is nowhere more obvious than in our stevedoring activities. Our full-service offering includes the ability to handle every type of unit and packaging that you can imagine โ€“ we will even try hard to honour your special wishes. Our terminals are accessible to vessels up to 11 metres of depth.

discharge of Copper at one of our terminals in the Port of Rotterdam.

Metaal Transport is specialized in the loading and discharge of non-ferrous metals, steel products and ferro-alloys.

Facts & figures
  • Our quay length is 570 metres
  • We have 5 cranes of 25 tonnes, 1 crane of 60 tonnes and 1 crane of120 tonnes
  • Our fork-lifts trucks have a capacity of 17 tonnes
  • Our container truck has a capacity of 42 tonnes
  • We use special fork-lifts trucks for coils
  • Our weighbridge will handle up to 100 tonnes for railcars and trucks

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Metaal Transport B.V.

Heijplaatweg 16

3089 JC Rotterdam

The Netherlands

Tel: +31 10 49 13 200
Fax: +31 10 49 50 850

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