Transport to Italy

Your logistics partner for warehousing & transport in Europe to Italy

Metaal Transport acts as a freight forwarder for transports to Italy. We offer transportation services for Full Truck Loads (FTL) And Less-Than-Load (LTL) shipments across Europe.  

From our warehouses in Rotterdam we offer international road transport to destinations in Italy by selecting the right partner and guaranteed customer satisfaction, ever since 1964.

We transport all types of goods: pallets, big bags, bundles, coils of all types of materials and shapes.     

For Containers arriving in the Port of Rotterdam we are able to strip containers in our own facilities. In our port facility we store your goods in our own well-secured warehouses and transport your goods to Italy.


Metaal Transport offers inter-modal transportation services to/from Italy by combined rail and truck transport. The advantage of inter-modal transports are evident: higher volume per shipment, lower costs, and lower Co2-emmisions. The maximum weight for inter-modal transport to Italy is 27 Metric Tonnes.   

Besides our transportation services we are able to help with transport insurance, warehousing insurance, customs declarations, VAT-representation and shipping & stevedoring activities.     

Please see our video of our Transport Services:

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