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Pieter de Geus and Junior sitting in a machine.
First Step of the New Building at the Waalhaven in 1998 (Pieter de Geus and Pieter de Geus junior)

Pieter de Geus at Main Terminal
1964Metaal Transport B.V. is founded by Pieter de Geus and a German investor seeking representation in the Port of Rotterdam. Initially focused on expediting transports of Copper bars.
1970The company’s first expansion takes place with the rental of a warehouse in the ‘Merwehaven’ within the Port of Rotterdam.
1985Metaal Transport relocates to the Lekhaven, specializing in the storage and handling of metal scrap.
1990Metaal Transport’s first warehouse receives approval from the London Metal Exchange (LME).
1992Willem-Jan de Geus, son of Pieter de Geus, takes the presidency of the company, with Pieter de Geus continuing as an advisor.
1993Metaal Transport establishes its presence at the Waalhaven in the Port of Rotterdam, marking a significant milestone in its history.
1994Metaal Transport implements a computerized Warehouse Management System, enhancing efficiency and productivity.
1998The company experiences further growth, expanding to a second terminal on the North side of the Waalhaven.
2013The company opens new warehouses near the Deepsea terminals in the Port, further strengthening its logistics capabilities.
2019Willem-Jan de Geus signs a contract for the development of a new terminal in the Waalhaven, reflecting Metaal Transport’s ongoing commitment to expansion and innovation.
2023Metaal Transport marks a significant milestone with the launch of its new terminal: Pier 5, reinforcing its role in the metal transportation and logistics sector within the Port of Rotterdam.

Transport by

  • Barge
  • Rail
  • Sea
  • Truck

Terminal details

  • 34.000 M² Warehouse
  • 40.000 M² open-air storage
  • Approved by the LME and the MMTA
  • 570 meter quay length
  • 9.5 metres depth

Weighing facilities

  • Weight-bridge up to 100 tonnes
  • 7 electronic digital scales up to 6 tonnes
  • Certified weighing facilities

Handling equipment

  • Shore cranes with capacity of up to 120 tonnes
  • Container trucks & Fork-lift trucks
  • Handling of coils and pipes
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