Effect of Rise in Nickel prices on transport in Europe

Recently nickel prices have risen significantly. This increases the risks for shippers and once again stipulate the need for a proper goods in transit insurance.

Over the past year Nickel prices have risen significantly. This recent rise in the Nickel prices has its implications for the risks that you as a shipper are exposed to.

Carriers and their liability

All our carriers within Europe apply the CMR conditions as a standard. These CMR-conditions stipulate that the carrier has a maximum liability of around โ‚ฌ 10,– per kilo in the rare event of damaged or lost cargo. For transports of 25 MT this means a limited liability of around 250.000 Euro per event. This implicates for example that only 10% of the value of the cargo will be reimbursed in the event of a full trailer theft with Nickel. This exposes shippers to increased risks.

What does Metaal Transport do and what is it’s role?

We carefully select professional and reliable carriers to deliver your goods in full and in time. Furthermore, we have strict safety instructions for our carriers to prevent and minimize all risks associated with theft. In the basis, Metaal Transport is not responsible for any damage or lost weight during transport as agreed with our conditions. For transports Metaal Transport only acts as a forwarder. In the case of a theft we will always fully help and assist in the claiming process and do everything within our power to retrieve goods. Furthermore we can help with transport insurance.


The difference between the maximum liability of carriers and the total value of Nickel transports implicates a huge gap and risks for shippers. Metaal Transport can help you with a proper in transit insurance to fully cover your transports within Europe.

Are you interested in a proper insurance over the total value of your transports for the entire year? Or want to insure a single transport?

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