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Warehousing Services in EU after Brexit

Published 10 February 2021

Are you a British shipper and looking for warehousing / storage facilities within the European Union for your shipments within the EU? Do you receive waiting charges from your trucking partner? Or are you fed up with tonnes of paper work for your shipments from the UK to the EU?

Metaal Transport has multiple warehousing locations within the Port of Rotterdam and equipment for the stuffing & stripping of your containers and trailers for distribution in the European Union. Besides the stuffing & stripping your containers and trailers in Rotterdam we also provide customs clearance and VAT-representation for your goods.

Are your goods stored in our warehouses in Rotterdam and do they need to be shipped to the UK? No problem! Our experienced staff will look for the most cost-effective and smooth transportation option for you with our in-house customs department and forwarding department for the most efficient shipping opportunities.