Being small but thinking big has great advantages when dealing with storing your valuable non-ferrous metals, steel products, and ferro-alloys. Our warehouses are approved by the standards of the London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Minor Metals Trade Associations (MMTA).

Nickel and Copper plates in the warehouse.

We will be able to store anything you want, but being a family business means that we have brief and transparent procedures and visual contact with all of our warehouses. Whether you require value-added logistics services, efficient cross-docking solutions, or specialized handling of commodities, our facilities are fully equipped to meet your needs.

Facts & Figures:

  • Our covered storage capacity is 36,000 meters squared with another 40,000 meters squared in open air.
  • Our warehouse receipts, warrants, and releases are internationally accepted by major banks and insurance companies to facilitate financing and the insurance of stock.
  • We are fully equipped for stuffing, stripping, cutting, (re)packing, and palletizing of various metals, offering value-added logistics solutions tailored to your requirements.
  • We are sworn weighers and issue official weight certificates, and packing lists, ensuring transparency and accuracy in every transaction.
  • Our scales have a capacity of 6 tonnes, and our weigh-bridge has a capacity of 100 tonnes, facilitating efficient handling of commodities of all sizes.
  • Inventories are regularly checked and updates can be provided at any time, ensuring accurate management of your stock.
  • All our premises are protected electronically as well as by surveillance, ensuring the security of your goods during transport and storage.
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