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Your Port of Call for Value-added Metal Logistics!

Founded in 1964, Metaal Transport has been a trusted and flexible partner for value-added metals logistics for over half a century. Having been family-owned since the beginning, our business is the ideal size to offer a full range of services from our own terminals in the Port of Rotterdam, together with incredibly personal client interacions.

In our office, we are a little business, but outside, we are a large one!

  • Workers standing on machine loaded with containers.
  • Copper sheets are being loaded.
  • Relocation of materials under the crane.

Metaal Transport specializes in handling, transporting, and warehousing a variety of non-ferrous metals and ferro-alloys.

Our Comprehensive Services include:

  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Our newly constructed multi-purpose terminals house cutting-edge facilities for stripping, stuffing, (re)packing, and cutting nickel, and copper cathodes. We can fulfill any requirement in-house, ensuring convenience, and efficiency for our clients.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: At Metaal Transport, our customer service department comprises a dedicated team, committed to providing personalized assistance. You will always interact with familiar faces, ensuring a seamless and attentive experience.
  • Financial Stability: With strong financial backing and close relationships with banks, we offer our clients peace of mind for their business operations.
  • Compliance & Approval: All our warehouses are approved by the London Metal Exchange (LME) and the Minor Metals Trade Associations (MMTA), ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations.
  • Strategic Location: Choosing Rotterdam as your port of call offers numerous advantages, including excellent VAT legislation for warehousing and stevedoring of metals. Our collaboration with Dutch customs ensures smooth and hassle-free shipping and forwarding processes.

The Services Encompass:

  • Stuffing and stripping of containers
  • Loading and discharge of containers by sea-going vessel/ barge
  • Loading and discharge of conventional breakbulk metals
  • Warehousing services compliant with LME and MMTA standards

At Metaal Transport, we specialize in warehousing, and stevedoring of non-ferrous metals, steel products, and metal scrap, while also facilitating forwarding and shipping needs. With us, the answer is always ‘Yes!’

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