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Update: Holidays, changes in conditions and Corona

Published 17 November 2020

We would like to inform you about the coming National Holidays, an alteration in our conditions and (re-)assure you with our commitment to continue operations at all times.


Our terminals will be closed on:

  • Friday 25th of December – Christmas
  • Friday 1st of January – New Year’s Day

As always,we stay available for urgent matters on these days.

It’s a pity that we cannot meet each-other in person this year. No LME Dinner, No face-to-face meetings and no personal contact that we value upmost. Despite these circumstances we wish you, your colleagues and family a very happy Christmas and the best wishes for 2021! Stay Safe.

Alteration in Conditions:

This is to inform you about an alteration to the conditions applicable on our activities. Next to the Dutch Forwarding Conditions and the Dutch Warehousing Conditions, the VRTO General Terms and Conditions will be applicable on our stevedoring activities. When acting in our capacity of forwarder, customs agent and/or tax representative, the Dutch Forwarding Conditions shall apply. In case of warehousing services, the Dutch Warehousing Conditions shall apply and in case of stevedoring activities, the VRTO General Terms and Conditions shall apply.

The performance of our activities will not change, but we think it is important to inform you about the alteration of the applicability of our terms and conditions. Also see our Conditions page.


Last Update: 20-11-2020

With the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) worldwide, we would like to communicate our commitment to continue our business while at the same time ensuring health of our staff.

As always, we would like to communicate in an open and transparent way. All our terminals in the Port of Rotterdam are open and running with all activities. This includes vessel loading / discharging, container handling, transport by truck/rail/barge and customs clearance. We follow the advice of the โ€œDutch Health and Safety Organisationโ€ (RIVM) and have taken precaution measures. Some employees work from home and terminal staff is following strict social distancing rules.

Best regards,

The Metaal Transport Team