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Help?! A delayed shipment…Again – Why you should redesign your logistics now

Published 11 June 2021

Vessels are arriving late and containers are constantly delayed in Europe. This is caused by many different reasons. In a nut shell: manufacturers have a back-log in orders, it’s hard to find containers and space on vessels, and the vessels are delayed because of port congestions all around the world. And all of this at increased costs?! Seems familiar?

As a result of these late arrivals, goods are often sold even before they arrive into Europe. The transit times have increased and goods need to be dispatched again within days. This might influence your choice and design of your supply / logistics chain. A possible solution could be to ship containers directly to the hinterland. However, this is hard because carriers often demand containers to be returned to the port of unloading, resulting in high costs. Furthermore, not all receivers can unload a container or only want to receive goods on pallets. These changes also require a different service from your logistics partner. Containers should be transported closely to the container terminals and dispatched again within days. The most important factor in this is the warehouse location and the ability for swift customs processes.

Warehouse locations

Warehouses within the Port complex are often slightly more expensive than warehouse locations outside the Port area. This implicates that for long-term warehousing it might be cheaper to transport goods further away from the port. However, in a situation where goods of containers need to be dispatched again within days it might be interesting to look for a logistics service provider with warehousing locations within the Port complex.

Our warehouses are located directly within the port complex of the Port of Rotterdam. We have our own in house equipment and staff for the handling of your containers. We strip containers at our warehouses, store them in our well-secured warehouses for a few days, help with the needed customs documents and ship your goods to your clients all across Europe.


Customs delays

Some providers mention that containers are delayed because of customs formalities resulting in demurrage and detention charges. However, is this delay really caused by delays of Customs Authorities or is it caused by a very slow process of providing the needed customs documents? Is your provider or the partner of your provider still capable of providing the right customs documents in time? Since the Brexit, the amount of customs documents and needed customs consultants have increased significantly. As a result, many customs departments have a hard job in providing the documents in time.

Our solution to the customs delay that many providers face is two-fold. We can bring containers to our bonded warehouse  with minimal administrative tasks as a result of close cooperation with the Dutch Customs and we have our own inh-house customs department which is able to provide the needed documents quickly.

Do you have a need for cost-effective container handling and fast customs documents?

Contact our sales department via: sales@metaaltransport.nl or give us a call. We are ready to handle your containers!