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Fuel Prices

Published 13 March 2022

The recent extraordinary increases in diesel fuel have a huge influence on the transport and logistics market. We are forced to take immediate action on our transport & terminal handling pricing policy.

Fuel costs account for a quarter of total transport costs and current fluctuations can no longer be taken on our account. Diesel prices haven risen by 37.5% since the beginning of this year. Therefore, as of today Monday 14th of March, we will impose a Diesel fuel surcharge on all our direct container trucking rates and rates that are influenced by the container trucking rates.

For illustration

  • Diesel price January 1, 2022 € 1.44
  • Diesel price March 1, 2022 €1.58
  • Diesel price March 11, 2022 € 1,98

Also please view the below graph:

Situation transport market

The transport market remains tense mainly caused by a lot of demand and a decreasing number of drivers. A lot of carriers from the Baltics have Ukrainian drivers who went home. This puts increased pressure on the European transport market and results in higher transport rates. Furthermore, with the current fluctuations in diesel rates a lot of carriers impose weekly diesel surcharges on the transport rates. Please take this into consideration.

We will immediately return to the previous agreements as soon as fuel prices stabilize. If you have any questions after reading this statement, please refer you to your contact person within our company.